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Beneath we give you the most important cleaning- and maintenancetips for our products.

Cleaning and maintenance of olivewood products

You can clean olivewood products just with clean warm water and soap.(never put your olivewood products in the dishwasher)

Maintenance: Rub your olivewood product occasionally with sunfloweroil.This is the best maintenance for the wood and the beautiful structure of the wood will be more visible.

Maintenance of sheepskins

Our advice: Please do not wash the skins. The wool fiber already breaks down most of the dirt on a natural basis.

Tips to clean your sheepskin

  • Beat your skin once in a while.
  • When it snows, lay your skin in the snow and it will clean itself.
  • When there is fog, lay your skin in the fog to refresh it.
  • Hang up your skin in a steamy bathroom. The steam cleans your skin as well.

How to clean a stain on your skin?

  • When the stain is wet, dab it with a clean and dry towel.
  • When the stain has dried, take a wet towel to clean it. Thereby you can use a little bit of green soap or detergent.
  • Do not use any aggressive cleaning solutions!

Do you still want to wash your sheepskin? Please remember that;

  • Washing a sheepskin can reduce the natural look and softness of the skin and it can dissolve the natural woolgrease.
  • The drying process of a skin can take some time, from several days tot several weeks, this depends on the thickness and structure of the skin.

If you want to wash your sheepskin, please use an handwash- or woolwashingprogram and add a soft woolwashsoap. Please dry the skin on roomtemperature and lay the skin flat on the floor. Do not put your skin in a clothesdryer, do not lay it down in direct sunlight of near your heating. Otherwise your skin can be damaged. Stretch your skin on a daily basis to keep it flexible. When your skin is dry, take a brush with hair or even a dogbrush to brush your sheepskin.

When the backside of your sheepskin got hard and stiff after washing, then your skin has dried to fast. Its natural woolgrease has dried. You can restore this by giving the skin a lanolinebath.

Maintenance leather aprons

Maintenance tips

  1. When you bought your apron, first spray your apron with a water- and stainrepellent colorless leatherspray.
  2. Dried drops and other light stains can be removed with a soft brush. After that you can spray your apron once again.
  3. Stains of fat can be removed with a abrasive stone (veloursgum of Woly). Please, never try to remove stains with aggressive solutions like gasoline of acetone!
  4. You can completely clean your apron only by bringing it to a good specialist in leahtercleaning.

And remember: The more you wear your apron, the more beautiful it gets!

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